Benefits of Credit Card Rebates

Most of the personal finance articles I read discourage the use of credit cards. I personally think that credit cards are not the problem. Abuse and improper use of credit cards is the root of the problem. My unpleasant experience on credit card debt in the past has made me vow never to maintain a credit card debt again. I made it a personal goal to regain all of the interest I paid to the bank.

Credit Card Rebates

Picking the Right Credit Card

I began looking for credit cards which offered rebates. I choose cards that offered rebates on grocery and fuel to maximize my rebates.Instead of using cash for my monthly expenditures, I used my credit card to earn rebates. I tracked my expenses and establish a budget every month. Preventing me from over spending and making unplanned purchases. On top of my rebates I also took advantage of promos and freebies.

Annual Fees

A lot of credit card users will probably argue that my rebates equal the annual fees of my credit card. You can actually request the bank to waive your credit card annual fee provided, you pay your bills on time and reach the minimum amount for waiver of annual fees. A year into using my rebates credit card, I managed to accumulate rebates equal to a months worth of grocery and fuel. I am actually earning money for items I regularly purchase.