Other Sources of Income

Everyday I look at the news and I see the effect of the economic recession. A lot of people are losing their jobs. Companies are taking drastic measures to cut their losesand minimize their operation cost, resulting to a lot of people being laid off.

The growing number of unemployment around the world has alarmed me a lot. I could not help but wonder what the chances are of me, losing my job due to the recession.

Even though the company I'm currently working for has a steady stream of projects, I always believe that it is better to be prepared for the worst. If ever I were to lose my job, I have already made plans to keep myself productive while I search for another source of income.

Below are the following measures I have taken
  • Market my Profession as an Architect. I currently have a few on going projects  right now but it is still not enough to totally rely on my profession as my main source income. I have just recently started practicing my profession and I am optimistic that someday this will become my main source of income.
  • Look for freelance work as a 3D artist to supplemrnt my income. I enjoy making 3D architectural works. Asides from creating 3D architectural renderings I have enhanced my skills and learned how to create other 3D models like furniture and cars.
  • Monetize and market my blogs. I started blogging as a means to communicate my thoughts and relieve my self of the pressure of my work and problems. This has been a hobby of mine for the past few months and I always take pleasure in writing things that I learned. Most of the things I write are a compilation of the article I learned from the net that are useful to me and will most probably be useful to other people.
  • Start a small business. Their are a lot of small business ideas with minimal starting capitals. Although venturing into this type of business will really eat up my time, the rewards will also be great.
  • Research more more on online businesses. I have always believed that the internet is a gold mine just waiting to be explored. The only dilemma, like any other gold mine, is locating the right spot to mine. Sorting through all the opportunities and scams in the net has already become a hobby of mine. I have tried a few online businesses and I have also experienced being scammed by some sites. I have learned from my past experience and I am now careful in picking websites to invest.
  • Buy and Sell. Whenever I want to buy something I always see to it that I buy a particular item at the lowest price possible. This attitude has opened some opportunities for me to buy and sell items and earn a little profit.
Until I find a way to earn a steady stream of earnings, I will continue to look for other ways to supplement my current sourc of income. I hope this article will inspire you to look for ways to increase your income.