Trust Funds in the Philippines

A couple of months have passed since I started my research on trust funds. What started as a research on time deposits, opened my horizons to better ways of investing my savings. I was looking for ways to start saving and investing. When I did my research I didn't have any savings, I just passed the board exam and was just starting my career. This didn't stop me since I was determined to start my own savings for my future.

I searched the internet and I read an article about Trust funds. As soon as I finished reading that article I realized that this product was perfect for me. I began asking my relatives and realized that only a few people in my country are familiar with this product. After failing to receive any advice from my relatives I decided to broaden my understanding of trust fund through reading more articles.

There are three types of trust funds which are Equity, Bond and Money Market Funds and are available in Peso or in US Dollar. Equity Trust funds are invested mostly on stocks, this fund offers the highest possible return for your investment. Equity fund is the most volatile and risky among the three funds. Bond funds are invested mostly with government bonds and treasury notes. Bond Funds offer more security for you investments. The Money Market fund is the safest among the three funds but offer the lowest returns. Some banks have balanced trust fund which is a mixture of the three.

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